Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Dirt, Storms, and Flying High

I mentioned that my kids love to play in the garden. So the other evening I just let them play. And then I hosed them down (not really, but they were filthy!).

He wouldn't hold still enough but the dirtiest part of Jacob was his bottom and his hands! Of course, they'd been playing in the sprinkler before getting in the garden, so they were wet and the garden was wet from rain.

See his diaper? That's mud.

Happy, messy girl.

We were at my grandparents' one weekend and a big ol' storm rolled in. It was awesome to see the storm clouds coming in over the "regular" clouds that had been around all day.

Look at the colors of the sunset, barely peeking through the storm clouds.

Jacob LOVES to be thrown in the air. As high as you can throw his 30-pound body! Papa obliged this time :)

The smile never leaves his face during this game!

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