Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Coloring, coloring!

Jacob really likes to color. He can occupy himself for quite some time with it. And he's only drawn on something other than paper twice (not including his own body...that doesn't count!). Luckily, he only has access to washable markers, which quickly and easily wipe off the wood floor. BUT, the other morning when I was half-unconscious from a migraine, he decided to take a PEN to my BRAND NEW khaki jacket. When I found it later, I yelled "JACOB SCOTT!!!" He came to my bedroom door, opened it and peeked in (I still don't know why he would come when he got the full name. He knows that means trouble!). I said "You do NOT write on Mommy's clothes!!!" You know what that stinker did?? He said "Uh-oh" and turned around and shut the door! Good grief.

Anna: Otay Jacob, you write on this side and I'll write on this side. Is that a deal?
Jacob: *looks at her for a few seconds, then sagely nods his head*

I think he might be left handed. Which is weird because there aren't any lefties in either of our families that I know of (at least not immediate). He found Daddy's Broncos hat this day and decided it was needed for his art session! :)

Oh those Baby Blues!

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