Friday, September 11, 2009

What a Marvelous Day!

We spent several hours today at Scott and Amy's to see their brand new baby girl!!! Leah Dawn was born not quite 2 weeks ago and she is precious! Anna has been begging to go see her...When are we EVER gonna go see Amy's new baby Mama??? Jacob's draw was getting to ride a horse! :)

I was pleasantly surprised at how well Jacob did with Leah! He would crawl up beside Anna and very softly touch her head and smile. When she was sleeping in the swing, he would walk over to her and put his finger to his lips "Shhhhh!" Too cute!

Anna would have gladly stayed there the rest of all time! She sat and held Leah for a long time. She doesn't get rattled when a baby she's holding starts crying. I love it. I'm quite certain she's ready for another baby in our house! haha

Jacob was happy to play with all of Daniel's toys and Anna just sat there and held sleeping Leah. She loved it...have I already said that??

Look at this angel!! She is just so beautiful. And seriously...Anna was smaller than Leah at 2 weeks and I do NOT remember her being that small!! It's crazy.

Time for Leah to eat, so the kids & I joined Scott out with the horses!

Hmmm...what can I do to cause trouble???

He stalked the poor cat! Luckily, Jacob's not quick enough for cats. Yet!

So not only did Anna get to sit for over half an hour holding a tiny baby, she got to ride a horse, too!!! I don't think Scott & Amy would have ANY trouble convincing Anna to go live with them!

Scott taught Anna how to ride all by herself! I thought maybe she'd freak out about not holding the saddle horn, but she didn't! She loved it!

She really concentrated on how to "steer" the horse, Chief. I'm so proud of her!!

Oh yeah...she's hot stuff!

Chief got a little stubborn about going, but we kept telling her "Make him mind. Show him who's boss!" remember telling another little blond girl those things?? :)

She had some trouble with not pulling back on the reins while trying to make him turn. But she got the hang of it.

Jacob wasn't as interested in the horses as he was the DIRT! Surprise, surprise!

I did get him to sit on Felio for a little bit. See all the dirt & sand on his hands and arms? He loved just digging!

Here's a short video of Anna riding all by herself! Notice that after 2 seconds of riding, she's comfortable enough to pay more attention to Jacob than to riding!! Squirt.


Teri said...

This is a precious post! Beautiful baby photos and fun horse stuff. Love the new banner!

Jennifer said...

Thanks! I need to quit taking baby fever is setting in!!! :)