Friday, January 7, 2011

7 Hour Drive and 2 Roadside Potty Stops...

Next up was Colorado. The first half of the trip was torturous. All three kids were not cooperating with my plan for a quiet, peaceful, nap-taking seven hour roadtrip. What were they thinking?! But the 2nd half was much better. Not enough sleeping for my taste but at least they weren't all screaming.

Seriously, I love this picture.

Great Grandma J with 3 of her 5 great grandchildren.

The ladies in all their Christmas pretties

Jacob didn't get the SMILE memo...

I'm so glad there's somebody else to make wear the traditional hats now!! ;)

This picture proves that it's in a female's genes to multitask!!
Having a 5 week old and three kids has taken up the part of my brain that remembers my camera whenever we go somewhere. UGH!

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