Friday, January 7, 2011

Christmas #1

Our first celebration was at home with just the five (FIVE!) of us, before we left for Colorado.

Jacob loves his baby.

This kid is so much fun to watch open presents!! Every scrap of paper he tears off is so exciting! Most of the time before he even had a present opened he was saying "Hank you! Hank you!"
Daddy played a mean trick on him here...told Jacob he had a surprise for him. It was a piece of popcorn!!

How cute is he in this hat? It's actually the hat to his pumpkin costume but I thought it looked like an elf's hat!

Thanks to Bruce & Shirley for the gifts...they LOVE THEM!

Don't be fooled by his sleep B & S...he was SO EXCITED to see this cute, soft puppy. Okay, not really. He slept through the entire opening of presents. But one day he'll love this puppy ;)

Tuckered out and taking up every millimeter of Mama's lap!

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