Friday, January 7, 2011

Back West

Next up was back to the west to Aunt Cara & Uncle Terry's house!

Grandma Ryan (Terry's mom) stopped by! I don't even think she's left-handed, but she's such a pro it doesn't matter:) She has 10 kids and beaucoup (that's French for a lot) grandchildren, great-grandchildren and even one great-great grandchild!

Whatcha got there Gramps?

Anna said "Her tree is so tall she can't even fit a star on top!" :)

Kaedyn and Anna...I don't even want to know what they're talking about!

Kaedyn with her favorite aunt...right?! ;)

Don't ask. Because I don't know!

He was so excited to get a tool set!

Bob the Builder!

Don't be fooled...there's more than meets the eye here...

Wait Terry!! There's more than just wrapping paper in there!!!

BRYCE!! hahaha He wanted to help smash down the paper and misunderstood how to go about it. Hey, it works!

Oh boy...Missy got Anna the perfect gift!

Princess crown, wand and tutu!

:) I had Mom's name and I had Cara embroider "Binga's Treasures" and all the grandkids' names on a shirt for her. She knew she was getting a shirt (I had to ask the size) but she had no idea what I had done to it! Thanks Cara!!

TJ: Hmmm...this isn't too different from holding Bella when she was a little puppy. See, I just scratch his back and he stays quiet. It's not that bad.
Aaron: TJ, don't do it...don't have kids. You'll never get a full night's sleep for the rest of your life. DON'T DO IT!!!!!!

Cheeseballs was a favorite. Jacob's been known to steal the whole container and hide in the laundry room eating them fist over fist!!! I'm just shaking my head. Oh Jacob.
Unbelievable...I left my camera in my suitcase so I have NO PICTURES from the Stinemetz Christmas at Philip's. Good grief. It was great. I hardly had to hold Isaac all weekend--Warene, Carolyn and PAPA fought over him the whole time! ha Way too much delicious food, great fellowship, round robin ping pong (of course!) and not enough time or sleep.
We had so much fun seeing everyone on our whirlwind "tour" but we are very glad to be home!!

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