Monday, January 24, 2011


The chubbier his cheeks get, the more he looks like Jacob :)

Isaac loves to sit up. He holds his head up better than I've ever seen a 2 month old do. I guess he just wants in on all the action around here!

Silly boy.

Isaac (and Jacob for that matter) will never lack in the sisterly love department!! :)

Uhh...can you say ornery?!?!?

I realized the other night that I have zero bath pictures of Isaac! Then I realized why...I'm always giving the baths when Aaron is at work at night, so there's no one to take them! So I grabbed my camera and got a couple shots of the cutie enjoying his bath. He loves them, just like the other 2 did. I'm so glad it's not a screaming match! If he's fussy, run some water and he's instantly quiet. He just lays there and looks around, even though he's half freezing. I'm not used to that-I'm used to summer babies!

Jacob was sooooo tired the other night at supper. He was falling asleep at the table and decided that was enough of that. So he went over to the big ice chest we had sitting in the kitchen and crawled on top for a snooze!

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