Saturday, January 15, 2011

Day at the Ranch

We spent the afternoon and evening at Scott's. We had some business to take care of with him and I had to do my grocery shopping (badly!), so we killed two birds with one stone. The kids were ecstatic to find out we were going to Scott's! Unfortunately it was too cold to ride, but they did get to "help" Scott feed. It was starting to get dark and I only had my phone to take pictures with, so they aren't the best (I can't believe-well I can-that I forgot my camera!!).

It got cold FAST, so Jacob and I stuck inside the barn! He got out into the pen and was pretending to be a horse. :)

There is no doubt this girl is my daughter. Even though she had to have been FREEZING, she stuck right beside Scott for a good 30 minutes. She wandered between the horses, petting them. She was so completely at ease and just looked right at home.

Her face is blurry here because she was talking so excitedly!

Mama! This horse came right up to me!! I didn't even click my tongue...he just came right over to me!!!!!

She helped Scott feed this horse-she got the grain all by herself and poured it in his bin.

Helping Scott with the water bucket.

On the way over there, Jacob asked if he could ride a tractor (he wore his John Deere socks). I told him Scott didn't have a tractor so he wanted to go to Terry's house! ha Let's just say he was a little bit excited when he walked in the barn and saw a TRACTOR!!!

I told her it was too heavy, but she tried anyway. :)

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Rhonda said...

What a great experience for them. Scott's place looks awesome!