Thursday, July 7, 2011

My Baby Girl is SIX!

Anna decided that she wanted to go to Hedrick's Exotic Animal Farm for her birthday. The problem became the guest list! She wanted to invite everyone. We settled on 3 friends and of course Jacob. So we had (read carefully!) Anna, Jacob, Ella, Jake, and Anna!!! The tour guide was a bit confused when she asked their names!

Feeding the giraffes!!

I love Jake's face!

Are arranged marriages really so bad??? ;)

It was miserably hot the day we went, but the kids didn't complain. They had so much fun seeing, petting, and feeding the animals! We stopped for drinks and ice cream on our way home and then they begged to play at the house some the sprinkler! I managed to come up with enough swim suits for everyone.

Anna, you challenge me every day as a mother. Whether it's with your gentle spirit and soft heart, or with your fiery temper and sharp tongue. You can flip from compliant to defiant in .2 seconds! (which makes me a bit nervous about your teenage years!) But you always have a soft spot for your brothers. When Jacob was sobbing over letting our turtles go in the lake, you cried with him because you felt bad for him. When Isaac is fussy and crying (always when I'm trying to get something done!), you'll try to comfort him and if that doesn't work, you bring him to me and tell me, "He's fussy Mama. He just wants you." You don't like to see him unhappy.
My favorite thing about this year (okay, I can't pick just one!)...your love for horses and getting your very own horse! I absolutely love seeing your passion for horses and am absolutely amazed to see your trust and calmness around Maverick. It's been a joy to watch and I can't wait for your party when you get your present from Daddy and me!
Anna, I pray you never lose your tender heart and sensitive spirit. I hope you'll always want to cuddle, no matter how big you get! I pray that one day you accept Jesus as your Savior and spend the rest of your life pursuing His will for your life. I can't wait to see where He takes you! I love you more than you could ever know Anna Rose. I love you the most!


Anonymous said...

6 years old and already talking about marriage???!!!! What??? No granddaughter of mine is getting married at SIX!!!!! papa

Jennifer said...

I didn't say get married now! I said arranging for her to marry Jake in the FUTURE. You know, picking out her groom for her so she doesn't make any mistakes. ;)

Anonymous said...

Oh ok I must of missed the FUTURE part. Just as long as he has to go through the same thing as her father did to get his wife...