Friday, July 1, 2011

A Mover and A Shaker

I'm a little late on Isaac's 7 month update. I've been busy and HE is part of the reason! He was active in my belly (my most active by far!) and he hasn't slowed down since.

Isaac, in the past month you have reached many milestones! You got your first two teeth, made a trip to Iowa AND Colorado, saw your first harvest, started crawling and started pulling yourself up to stand!!! You also started saying Anna (and seem to know it's for her), Mama, and Papa.
You were a great traveler. The trip to Iowa was just me and all you kiddos, so it was a bit lengthy but we made it! You charmed all the family in Colorado. When we went to the farm and Aunt Cara's (7 months 1 week), you started army crawling!! That's at least a month ahead of when Anna and Jacob did. We got home a couple days later and within a day you were crawling all over the house! For the most part, you like to stay where all the action is, but sometimes you wander off on your own and explore. I need to do more baby-proofing (and keep the floors much, much cleaner)!!! We had to take the bassinet level out of your Pack'N'Play because you started pulling yourself up to stand in there! And if someone holds your hands and pulls you up to stand, you take off walking right away. I'm not ready for so much mobility yet!!!
You had fun at harvest. You preferred to be wiggling around, which made it very hard on Mama to hold you in the confines of a tractor! But when we got in the combine and you zoned in on that reel going 'round and 'round you seriously were sound asleep in less than a minute! And you slept the whole 2 hours we were on there. I think that might be a bit too expensive to buy as a "nap machine"! :)
Let's do NOT like yogurt. I think your favorite fruit is banana and veggie is avocado. I don't think you've tried any new food since last month.
My brain is fried and I can't see where you crawled to so I better go! :) You're a joy, a delight, intent, and ACTIVE! We love you so much Isaac Jayden!

(here's a video of you "jumping" on the bed with Anna and Jacob, and of you crawling after a balloon)

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Cassie said...

Technically, avacado is a fruit. :)