Friday, July 8, 2011

A Dream Come True


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Anna has been asking for an American Girl doll for a long time. Lucky for her, Uncle Windell spoils my kids rotten! She got the one she's "been dreaming of" for her birthday! I told Windell I would post a video of her opening it. I'm miffed because I ran out of memory right when she realized what it was in the box!!! ARGH!!!!! Notice right after Aaron pulls the doll box out, she hugs it! :-) She has been in heaven all evening and has been lecturing Jacob about not playing with it unless she says he can and how she has to take very special care of Graci (what she named the doll). So cute. THANK YOU Uncle Windell for such a generous gift!! She is beyond delighted. But, you've created a monster...she was telling Aaron tonight that she needs some pajamas for Graci because "I thought about just putting her to bed in her underwear, but I don't hardly ever sleep in my underwear, and I don't sleep in my clothes either, so she needs some pajamas to wear to bed just like me." HA! Thankfully she doesn't know there are outfits for HER that match the doll's outfits!


Jaime said...

That's great! Andrew's family has always fueled the "American Girl Obsession" around here by looking at the catalogs with my girls from a very young age! I let them be the ones to buy the dolls and accessories! :)

D said...

Aww... so fun! Thanks for posting - I'm sure she'll have a lot of fun with it. Oh, and "Hi, Uncle Windell!" :)

Celeste said...

That's fun! Which doll did she get? I had Molly growing up, and I loved playing with her. Christin also had a couple. I hope Ashley will get into them, and hopefully someone else will buy it! :) That's a great gift!

Jennifer said...

Celeste, she didn't get one of the collection dolls (or whatever they're called!). She picked out one that "looks" like her-with hair and eye color being the same. She named her Graci.
I'm all about this collection, but I'm glad someone else is buying! :)

nama saya farah nabilah :) said...

soo cute..=)