Thursday, January 21, 2010

Catching Up!

Alright, here are a bunch of pictures to catch up:)

Christmas in Iowa...
Anna finally got her COMPUTER! She'd been asking for one for months and I searched and searched (she spotted one in an ad well before Thanksgiving!) and couldn't find the right one. Binga came through for us!! :)

The poor boys...this is what happens when three girls come first in the family! They don't seem to care. They were enthralled watching the Christmas Boz video:)

A couple weeks ago, we got some freezing fog. I don't remember ever experiencing that before. It was absolutely beautiful!

Jacob, for some reason, is very fascinated with Seth's beard! It's funny.

And now for Pet Ownership Take 3! Anna's previous two fish died (Flippy died while we were away for Christmas. We tried replacing it with a twin, but there wasn't one to be found. She noticed to difference in color right away. She was sad, but handled it well. Then a couple days later Charlotte died!!!!!! She then decided she was NOT going to ever have another fish..."they just die Mama!" :))
So, we got........

A Hermit Crab! She informed me tonight that HIS name is now Snappy. Not Maria. Alrighty then! :)

Anna telling Binga all about her new pet. Which Binga understood about two words of, Anna was so excited!!

Finally got the names hung up! :) I had to cover up some holes, so I'm glad I put different lengths of ribbon on!

And we finally got the bed back and set up! Aaron & Jacob went to Jamie & Cassie's to pick up our bed they've been "storing" for us (THANKS guys!!). Got things arranged for the most part. Already have to go through Jacob's clothes and sort out the ones he's outgrown (again!). Thanks to Kim for letting me borrow some 3T clothes!!! He wore one of the shirts today and Anna said "Heeey! Cool shirt Jakie. Is that Jake's?" Only in our two houses would that sentence make sense! :)
Okay, now I'm all caught up!
Update on Mom's MRI--it's over. Didn't go so hot for her (didn't get her sedated enough so she woke up during the scan). I think she'll know results tomorrow. Thanks for praying!!!

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