Friday, January 8, 2010

One Big Happy Family

Here we are with all of our foster kids! Anna wasn't too happy to be taking a picture (you should see the first one...she's about the come out of her clothes she was trying to get away so hard!). I decided on the spur of the moment we should take a family picture, especially since all our Christmas decorations are still up! :) This is the first time back together since break. I forget that these kids take up a bit more room than my "real" kids! ha The tree really is back there behind's just a really small tree!!! :) Turned out pretty good considering I propped my camera on a step stool on top of a bench!

Seth, Ben, Aaron, Anna, Adam
Me (blah!), Karin, Addie, Jacob, and Bailey


Jaime said...

It's kind of funny to me that you have a married couple as foster kids! :)

Jennifer said...

Yeah, it's a little odd on the outside but since they were foster kids long before they got married (Ben anyway!) AND they're actual family we couldn't exactly kick them out! ;)