Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Men in this family are ---not smart!

These boys have to make bets on everything...and the wagers are STUPID (don't tell Anna I said that!). The first one was on a football game-a call getting overturned. Dad lost the bet!
The next ones are the boys seeing who can balance the longest on the exercise ball. The loser had to stick their head in the snow for 15 seconds. Dad lost but then they said double or nothing. So then I think Aaron lost, but they haven't followed through on that one yet! Men!!


Janet said...

Cecil did make a pretty snow angel. I think it was the lack of clothing that gave it such good definition. lol

Jennifer said...

I do believe you're right Janet! HA!!! I still can't believe he did that! You should go look at Cassie's blog for even more stupid stuff they did! MEN.