Saturday, January 9, 2010

Colorado Christmas

Lots of pictures from our time in Colorado!!!

Late night play on Mommy & Daddy's bed!

They were intent on looking at Grandpa & Grandma W's tree until I said...
"I've got PIZZA!" I'm so mean! :)

Jacob LOVED Great Grandma's walker. He would take off with it, but if she asked him to bring it back, he would:)

Playin' her guitar at Grandpa & Grandma's house

We went to a shop that was FULL of stuffed animals. The actual building looks like Noah's ark on the outside. Anna begged for something and since she had Christmas money, she picked out something. You'll see later what she picked!

He just had fun roaming around looking at everything.

A donkey. That's what she picked! Thought it was odd, but she loves that thing!

Anna's Parade of Animals!

He got another train set from Uncle Elry & Aunt Carol (and Bryan & Sarah)!!! He LOVES IT!

Sarah was so good to play with the kids all evening. It was nice to be able to sit back and visit! Sarah was a flower girl in our wedding...I think she was 6! Doesn't seem possible it's been that long!!

Opening presents one morning. Jacob got a TRUCK! :)

Grandma J and Aaron in their hats (hers is new, his is not! ;))

With our beautiful cross-stitched nativity that Aaron's aunt made for us (his parents "commissioned" her for our gift).

Jacob & his new pillow & blanket. He was putting on a show and pretending to sleep. It was cute.

Jacob in Anna's new chef's hat...he didn't leave it on long!

Aaron & his annual gift of pickles! (he loves pickles)

Anna & Grandma with the tiniest nativity I've ever seen!

Anna and her cousin (somewhere down the line!). She shared one of her tutus and even her guitar with Eliza!

Watching a John Deere movie! :)

Whew! Iowa is next (though I think I have mostly videos from there??)

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Teri said...

Very fun Christmas photos, looks like a blast!