Friday, January 29, 2010

No No No -- Mom Update

Last weekend, we went to visit Aunt Cara & Uncle Terry. One of the other times we were there, Jacob discovered he could fit in her lower kitchen cabinets. So when there's an empty spot, he climbs in and plays and plays!

He figured out how to open & close the doors by himself. Which is better than having sister do it because that was headed toward smashed fingers very quickly!

Every time he would crack open the door, he said "No-no-no-no-no". He was in there playing when Cara opened a drawer above him to put something thing you know, the drawer is opening "all by itself" (he had the cabinets shut so it was pretty funny).

Uncle Terry has gathered quite a collection of cartoons. Anna's favorite is Tom & Jerry. She'll watch it over & over & over again. Jacob's favorite is any of the John Deere shows! Since the big boys were watching the playoffs on the TV, the kids watched Tom & Jerry on the computer.
Mom's MRI came back normal (she does have a brain! hehe)--PTL! Her b-cells are at the lowest end of "normal", so that's great but the other things (I can't remember the names) she should have for immunity are non-existent. But since she is in the normal range for b-cells, she can start the IV therapy to build those up in her system! Continue to pray for her to regain strength and stamina...she's been sick for a very long time. THANK YOU for praying.

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