Sunday, January 10, 2010

Crafty Weekend I Guess!

Another project I did this weekend (thanks to the inspiration from MoneySavingMom and this fabulous lady!) My Dave Ramsey cash envelopes were in pretty bad shape. And, well...they're ugly! :) So When I saw this project and realized I could make them for $0 (as opposed to ordering new ones), I was ready to go!
Kelleigh has a free template and instructions posted on here. Since the only pretty paper I had was the 12x12 for scrapbooking, I just opened up a small envelope and used it as a template. Which means all of mine aren't the exact same size (with millimeters), but it worked for me.

Traced around the outside and then cut it out.

Fold the sides and bottom.

I used my tape runner to 'seal' the bottom together, then folded down the top flap.

Kelleigh also had some labels to download but I couldn't get it to work, so I easily made my own in Word and printed them off. *this envelope looks crooked, but it must just be the print on the paper because it's not!*

Here are all of my envelopes. I made an extra one for coupons--I've always got a couple that I want with me all the time so this will be easy. Plus it will give me a better place to keep all of them I need when I do my shopping.

I only have a big 3-hole punch so it didn't work as well as a single one would have, but it worked good enough! :) It took me FOREVER to figure out the blanket stitch. have ridiculous videos demonstrating this. They're not helpful! I also probably used ribbon that was too big, but it's what I had on hand. I think I'm done being crafty for a while! :)


Janet said...

Looks nice! Snowmint has a computer budget program that actually has pictures of envelopes. It works the same as what you are doing but does it on the computer. It also has an area where you can balance your bank statement. I will always need some type of an envelope system...ha.

Jennifer said...

Interesting...virtual envelopes, huh? :) I love the envelope system. It makes it a whole lot easier to stay on budget! Dad created a great Excel budget that goes right along w/ the Ramsey plan.

Lambert Loggings said...

Great job on both of your projects!! These were both on my "to craft" list. I guess it could more accurately be called my "to craft" dream instead of a list! I've had wood letters for two YEARS now waiting to do that for the girls. Now, seeing your cute finished projects, I'm more inspired. Thanks! And the envelopes are so cute. GREAT work!!!