Saturday, January 30, 2010

The View From...

Anna's eyes! She took all of these (plus the one of Jacob & me in the previous post!)...

You can see all her Awanas verses on the kitchen cabinets. She can read most of them (plus has them memorized--this seems to help remind both of us to work on her weekly verse!).

She took several Cars pictures "for Jacob". She's seriously the best big sister ever.

Hmm...we seem to have a lot of Cars items....

Who's ready for bed?!?!? :)

Friday, January 29, 2010



shore does...

smell awful!

And that somethin' is JACOB! Yikes!

But I love 'im anyway! :)

No No No -- Mom Update

Last weekend, we went to visit Aunt Cara & Uncle Terry. One of the other times we were there, Jacob discovered he could fit in her lower kitchen cabinets. So when there's an empty spot, he climbs in and plays and plays!

He figured out how to open & close the doors by himself. Which is better than having sister do it because that was headed toward smashed fingers very quickly!

Every time he would crack open the door, he said "No-no-no-no-no". He was in there playing when Cara opened a drawer above him to put something thing you know, the drawer is opening "all by itself" (he had the cabinets shut so it was pretty funny).

Uncle Terry has gathered quite a collection of cartoons. Anna's favorite is Tom & Jerry. She'll watch it over & over & over again. Jacob's favorite is any of the John Deere shows! Since the big boys were watching the playoffs on the TV, the kids watched Tom & Jerry on the computer.
Mom's MRI came back normal (she does have a brain! hehe)--PTL! Her b-cells are at the lowest end of "normal", so that's great but the other things (I can't remember the names) she should have for immunity are non-existent. But since she is in the normal range for b-cells, she can start the IV therapy to build those up in her system! Continue to pray for her to regain strength and stamina...she's been sick for a very long time. THANK YOU for praying.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Oh Jacob

I KNEW it was too quiet for too long!!!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Bad Influence

First, Aaron is getting Jacob to act like a dog for wonder he doesn't talk! He really thinks he's a dog!!! Aaron did this last week and when he told Jacob "Roll over!" Jacob just did the motion with his hands really fast. It was hilarious.
And evidently our foster ("adopted" college students who are also my cousins) kids aren't the best influence on our children it would seem! ;) The funniest part of this video is at the end, so keep watching!!!

Catching Up!

Alright, here are a bunch of pictures to catch up:)

Christmas in Iowa...
Anna finally got her COMPUTER! She'd been asking for one for months and I searched and searched (she spotted one in an ad well before Thanksgiving!) and couldn't find the right one. Binga came through for us!! :)

The poor boys...this is what happens when three girls come first in the family! They don't seem to care. They were enthralled watching the Christmas Boz video:)

A couple weeks ago, we got some freezing fog. I don't remember ever experiencing that before. It was absolutely beautiful!

Jacob, for some reason, is very fascinated with Seth's beard! It's funny.

And now for Pet Ownership Take 3! Anna's previous two fish died (Flippy died while we were away for Christmas. We tried replacing it with a twin, but there wasn't one to be found. She noticed to difference in color right away. She was sad, but handled it well. Then a couple days later Charlotte died!!!!!! She then decided she was NOT going to ever have another fish..."they just die Mama!" :))
So, we got........

A Hermit Crab! She informed me tonight that HIS name is now Snappy. Not Maria. Alrighty then! :)

Anna telling Binga all about her new pet. Which Binga understood about two words of, Anna was so excited!!

Finally got the names hung up! :) I had to cover up some holes, so I'm glad I put different lengths of ribbon on!

And we finally got the bed back and set up! Aaron & Jacob went to Jamie & Cassie's to pick up our bed they've been "storing" for us (THANKS guys!!). Got things arranged for the most part. Already have to go through Jacob's clothes and sort out the ones he's outgrown (again!). Thanks to Kim for letting me borrow some 3T clothes!!! He wore one of the shirts today and Anna said "Heeey! Cool shirt Jakie. Is that Jake's?" Only in our two houses would that sentence make sense! :)
Okay, now I'm all caught up!
Update on Mom's MRI--it's over. Didn't go so hot for her (didn't get her sedated enough so she woke up during the scan). I think she'll know results tomorrow. Thanks for praying!!!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Once again, I ask for your prayers! Mom is having an MRI tomorrow. She hates being enclosed so will be sedated. Pray for peace, normal results, and some answers. God is good!
I promise I'll post some pictures soon. Life is supposed to be slowing down after Christmas, but it's not!!

Friday, January 15, 2010

New Favorite

I found a new show on Netflix that I'd never seen. The info on it said it was originally made in Sweden in the 70s-80s about a clay penguin named Pingu. So I start it up and the kids think it's hilarious!!! It reminds me of "Gumby" and it really is pretty funny...although I have to admit, it's probably not going to help Jacob in the talking department! haha
I just watched the clip and for some reason, it got downloaded twice, so the actual video of them watching is only about 4 min. long.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

I'm Gonna Miss This

I needed this's been a rough week. What incredible blessings God has given me. I must remember what precious times these are and cherish them!
Please, go read this young moms!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Crafty Weekend I Guess!

Another project I did this weekend (thanks to the inspiration from MoneySavingMom and this fabulous lady!) My Dave Ramsey cash envelopes were in pretty bad shape. And, well...they're ugly! :) So When I saw this project and realized I could make them for $0 (as opposed to ordering new ones), I was ready to go!
Kelleigh has a free template and instructions posted on here. Since the only pretty paper I had was the 12x12 for scrapbooking, I just opened up a small envelope and used it as a template. Which means all of mine aren't the exact same size (with millimeters), but it worked for me.

Traced around the outside and then cut it out.

Fold the sides and bottom.

I used my tape runner to 'seal' the bottom together, then folded down the top flap.

Kelleigh also had some labels to download but I couldn't get it to work, so I easily made my own in Word and printed them off. *this envelope looks crooked, but it must just be the print on the paper because it's not!*

Here are all of my envelopes. I made an extra one for coupons--I've always got a couple that I want with me all the time so this will be easy. Plus it will give me a better place to keep all of them I need when I do my shopping.

I only have a big 3-hole punch so it didn't work as well as a single one would have, but it worked good enough! :) It took me FOREVER to figure out the blanket stitch. have ridiculous videos demonstrating this. They're not helpful! I also probably used ribbon that was too big, but it's what I had on hand. I think I'm done being crafty for a while! :)

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Saturday morning craft project

My sister-in-law gave me a gift card to Hobby Lobby for Christmas (sweeet!). I looked at the scrapbooking stuff, but didn't find anything I really wanted. Then I came across some cardboard (I think) letters and the light bulb came on for a cute idea! :) I got all the letters for each name and a few supplies for this:

And I only spend a couple bucks over my $20 gift card! (I had several things at home already)

1. Paint the edges of all the letters. I did Anna's in purple and Jaocb's (you'll see his finished at the end) in yellow.

2. Trace each letter onto some colorful paper (this is pink w/ white polka dots)

But be careful...

...if you have one-sided paper! I traced the first N the wrong way and only had so much paper! But I patched on together. I covered up the seam with a decoration.

Did you know you can make your own decoupage glue? It's pretty easy--just mix regular glue with some water!

Brush a thin layer onto your letter.

Place the pretty paper on each letter. If you barely touch it down, you should still be able to wiggle it around a bit to get it straight. Then smooth flat over the whole letter.

See? Can't even tell there was a seam and the polka dots didn't match up!

Hot glue your decorations on. I used some painted wooden pieces I found for $0.57-0.67 each and some flowers from lei bracelets w/ jewels for the centers.

Voila! I had a problem though...I hadn't thought about how I would hang them!

Then I remembered one of my stocking stuffers...a little tube of ribbons!

I rifled through my picture hanging supplies and found some thumb tacks. Perfect!

There you have it! I have each ribbon different lengths. I didn't measure any of them.

Jacob's, of course, is all about wheels! :)

I had only picked up the wooden decorations but decided it looked a little bare. So I went through his toy basket and found some little cars and a couple of broken toys that I stole the wheels from! :) And then found another little tube of ribbons in Anna's craft box! I really wanted to use what I had and not spend any other money...and I did! :) I think Jacob is going to love his (Anna's was finished before they went to bed for naps). I'm going to have to keep his out of his reach though or he'll be pulling those cars and wheels off in no time!

Colorado Christmas

Lots of pictures from our time in Colorado!!!

Late night play on Mommy & Daddy's bed!

They were intent on looking at Grandpa & Grandma W's tree until I said...
"I've got PIZZA!" I'm so mean! :)

Jacob LOVED Great Grandma's walker. He would take off with it, but if she asked him to bring it back, he would:)

Playin' her guitar at Grandpa & Grandma's house

We went to a shop that was FULL of stuffed animals. The actual building looks like Noah's ark on the outside. Anna begged for something and since she had Christmas money, she picked out something. You'll see later what she picked!

He just had fun roaming around looking at everything.

A donkey. That's what she picked! Thought it was odd, but she loves that thing!

Anna's Parade of Animals!

He got another train set from Uncle Elry & Aunt Carol (and Bryan & Sarah)!!! He LOVES IT!

Sarah was so good to play with the kids all evening. It was nice to be able to sit back and visit! Sarah was a flower girl in our wedding...I think she was 6! Doesn't seem possible it's been that long!!

Opening presents one morning. Jacob got a TRUCK! :)

Grandma J and Aaron in their hats (hers is new, his is not! ;))

With our beautiful cross-stitched nativity that Aaron's aunt made for us (his parents "commissioned" her for our gift).

Jacob & his new pillow & blanket. He was putting on a show and pretending to sleep. It was cute.

Jacob in Anna's new chef's hat...he didn't leave it on long!

Aaron & his annual gift of pickles! (he loves pickles)

Anna & Grandma with the tiniest nativity I've ever seen!

Anna and her cousin (somewhere down the line!). She shared one of her tutus and even her guitar with Eliza!

Watching a John Deere movie! :)

Whew! Iowa is next (though I think I have mostly videos from there??)