Saturday, December 10, 2011

An Early Christmas Present

 I've wanted to replace the kitchen sink since we moved in. It was a nice porcelain sink, but it was a "prep" sink, which means one side was very shallow. The shallow side was also the the side the garbage disposal was on...which was a mess! So, I found a great black, quartz granite sink at Menards. Aaron measured the sink and I picked up the perfectly-sized sink. I texted Dad before I bought it and asked if he was okay with helping Aaron put it in when he came down the day before Thanksgiving. I accidentally left out the word "sink" in my text so he thought I meant a kitchen FLOOR and he still AGREED!!! Crazy man. (Don't ask about how his kitchen floor redo went!!) I think he was a bit relieved when he found out it was a sink and not a floor! But by the time it was over, maybe he wasn't...
No project ever goes as planned. Ever. Seriously, a kitchen sink replacement should be so easy! It was a mess and took way too long. The lady at Menards told me the holes were pre-drilled and all you had to do was "tap" them out. No drilling! So Thursday morning, Dad and Aaron unpack the sink, take the old one out (and carry it outside-HEAVY!). Dad starts "tapping out" the holes. It's not nearly as easy as it should have been. He gets one out and the next one...CRACK...the whole top corner of the sink breaks off! Did I mention I bought the sink at Menards? And the closest store is an hour away? And it's Thanksgiving Day?! And I'm hosting a big meal for 16 people that evening???!!! Oh man. So in goes the old sink (carried back inside). Nothing else can be done! They thought about going Friday early morning to Wichita, but when the girls reminded them it was Black Friday they decided to wait!
So we have the big meal that night and the next day we head out west for Thanksgiving. We get home on Sunday evening with plans for Dad to go to Wichita first thing Monday morning and get another sink. We had planned on going to Iowa on Monday mid-morning, but like I project ever goes as planned!
Anna decided to go with Papa to get the new sink. This didn't go as planned either...of course! First of all, I forgot to tell Dad there is a Menards on the west side of town (would have saved him at least an hour!). He gets to the store and they're all out of the sink!!!!! I couldn't believe it. The guy at the store said the west store's computer showed they had one left. So off they go. Anna, by the way, is not happy that it's taking so long. And when Papa told her they had to go to Maize to get the sink, she told me "and now we have to go through a maze to get it!!" Ha!!! They get to the next store and they're sold out!! That's when he finds out that the reason it shows there is one left is because the inventory system counts the display. Dad convinced them to sell him the display and they finally made it home. He also asked the guy at the 2nd store about just tapping the holes out. He laughed and said no, you need to drill them out. Luckily Dad brought his hole drill (what's it called??). So he starts drilling out the holes and it's not doing anything. He tries for over an hour...nothing. He went to the lumber yard to see if they have a Diamond bit. They don't and don't know where else he could find one. There's one in Hutch for almost $50 (plus the time it would take to go there and back!). The guy at the lumber yard did know a guy in town that would have one, but he wasn't home. Dad left him a message and waited for him to call back. By supper time he called back and said he had a bit Dad could borrow. This is why I love small towns! The guy had no idea who we were, we'd never met him, but he was willing to let us borrow a tool! And what do you know, those holes drilled out in seconds! So now we're home free, right? WRONG!


 They go to set the sink in and it doesn't fit perfectly (have I mentioned Dad is a perfectionist? I'm glad). There's a small lip on the underside of the sink so ONE CORNER of the sink doesn't sit flush on the counter. We're talking less than 1/4". But Dad didn't like that. Another glitch! Plus Aaron doesn't have the right kind of saw and he can't find anyone that does! The only thing he's got is a circular saw! Talk about dusty!!! So we put up sheets to try and contain the dust. Can you see Dad under the sheets?

It kept it better contained, but it was still dirty!

 Oh Papa! When will you learn to quit doing projects for my mama??!! Hahaha!

Got it cut! Ready to drop in.

Ta-da! (sorry--it's a cell phone picture) I love, love, love it! We didn't even have to get new faucets. And it only took 6 days!! Thanks, Dad!!!

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