Sunday, December 18, 2011

Isaac's 1st Birthday Party

 How's that for a catchy title. :) It made the weekend even crazier, but it was the easiest way to ensure that 1) family could be there and 2) people didn't have to make 2 trips back to back between Tate's party and Thanksgiving. So Uncle Terry and Aunt Cara let us have Isaac's party at their house the Sunday after Thanksgiving. I wasn't very well prepared for making his cake. Actually, I didn't even have a plan. I just had the cake mix and frosting. (Sorry Isaac!)

  He really wasn't too interested in opening his presents. But that's okay because he had plenty of help! :)

 Isaac is a Papa's boy, for sure!

 I was surprised but he didn't really dig into the cake much. And he didn't eat much of his piece, either. But he sure it cute! 

Okay, I was just going to do a plain cake and write "Happy Birthday" but since Isaac really likes tools I thought maybe I could do a hard hat. It didn't turn out too whoopy! At least people could tell it was a hat! hahaha! The other problem was that the icing I had really didn't work very well for how I decorated it. But I got a great lesson on cake decorating from Aunt Cara! And best of all, I have her frosting recipe!! :)

 He wasn't too happy when we took the cake away, but then he didn't want any of the piece I cut for him. Go figure...

 The hosts :) Doesn't Terry look thrilled to be the ice cream scooper?! He was just mad because nobody wanted his ice cream! tee hee! ;)

Grandpa Frank is making sure I get him a big enough piece!
Thank you all for helping us celebrate Isaac's 1st year! And especially thanks to Uncle Terry & Aunt Cara for letting us use their home!

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