Monday, December 19, 2011

Full House

Borrowed this from Cassie's blog...a picture of all the cousins at Papa & Binga's house! Getting 8 kids (ages 11 to 1) to pose for any camera, let alone in the unfamiliar environment of a picture studio...we decided to just try and get a group shot at home! This is the best one she got...everyone is basically smiling and even looking in the camera's direction!!
Bryce (almost 5yrs), Jacob (4 1/2 yrs), Kaedyn (7 yrs), Mia (11 1/2 yrs), Tate (1 yr), Anna (6 1/2 yrs), Isaac (1 yr), Hudson (3 1/2 yrs)
I think I got all the ages right! Kaedyn & Anna, and Bryce, Jacob & Hudson are within like 9 months of each other. Isaac and Tate are only 1 day apart.

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