Tuesday, December 6, 2011

I'm a Bag Blogger.

I can't believe it's been so long since I blogged. In my defense, this is what my last 2 weeks looked like:
1) hosted Thanksgiving/Christmas at our house for my family (16 people!!) Thanksgiving day
2) Friday morning went to Cara & Terry's (with stops on the way to pick things up)...this is what was on tap for that day:
-decorate (with help, of course) for Mom & Dad's 35th anniversary party
-host the party with my brothers & SILs
-Thanksgiving celebration with Mom's side
3) Saturday morning, head to Alan & Donna's (which means packing everything up to spend the night there!) to celebrate with Dad's side.
4) Sunday head home to do laundry, cleaning, and RE-packing to spend the week in Iowa!
5) Oh yeah, in the midst of it all, a little kitchen sink replacement horror story (that's for another post!)
6) Ending up waiting until Tuesday morning to drive to Iowa with Dad.
7) Spend the week with some crazy kids *eight* in Iowa.
8) Saturday afternoon say goodbye to Jeremy, Alisha, and their kids :'(
9) Sunday afternoon drive home (thankfully Aaron came up so he came home with us!)
10) Monday was dragging myself out of bed after a looong night and trying to clean up from a week of bachelorhood ;) and unpacking. Anna also had art at the school.
11) Today, after another LONG night, was full of running here and there it felt like! Speech and piano lessons. But the best part of today was spending time with friends!

Soooo...that's what I've been doing! My calendar is empty for the next 2 weeks so maybe I'll catch up on pictures on here. Doubtful!

A family picture! We took one before this of just my brothers & I with Mom and Dad and it felt so small! :) 
Jamie, Hudson, Cassie, Tate, Mom, Dad, Mia, Bryce, Jeremy, Alisha (baby #4!), Kaedyn, Aaron, Jacob, Anna, me, Isaac

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