Saturday, December 10, 2011

Pintrest Success!

 I love pintrest. I was just going through my boards tonight and I'd forgotten how many fun ideas for school/kids I had on there! Here's the one I did tonight. It took all of 30 minutes (most of that was waiting for the paint to dry).

The best part of this project is that it was free--I had all the supplies on hand (and have had them for a long time!). The general idea is that if your kids say "I'm bored!" they can go to the bored jar and draw a "job"! BUT, the catch is that not all of the papers are jobs...some are fun things!

 I started with this jar/vase that I had from teaching. The pintrest jar decoupaged fabric onto their jar, but this one is too odd shaped and I didn't have any fabric I wanted to use on it.

 So I used black spray paint (that the previous homeowners left behind!).

 I got out some scrapbooking paper and wrote some chores (and fun things!) on slips of paper. A few examples: dust, go for ice cream, vacuum, help with laundry, bike ride, pick up toys, play a game with Mom, clean your room, play a Wii game, etc etc etc. The "fun" of the Bored Jar is that you never know whether you'll get a treat or a job! :)

Then I pulled out my bag of ribbons (I think I bought the bag at a consignment sale for $1 last year) and decorated. I'm not good at bows...oh well! :) I used puffy fabric paint to write "Bored Jar". I'm excited to show the kids in the morning. I've been telling Anna for a long time that if she complains of being bored, she has to do a job. This will help me follow through! Lucky for her!! ;)

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Roger & Kathy Stoll said...

Cute idea! Maybe I need to do something like this.