Sunday, December 18, 2011

Family Supper

I try to have a special family supper for each of our "other" kids 'birthdays. Sometimes I do better than others. This year, we combined a birthday with Christmas. I made a cake for Seth's birthday (using Aunt Cara's frosting recipe!). Seth is all about hunting, so I used Isaac's camo pajamas as inspiration for decorating his cake. :)

I can't believe my first son is 25!! ;) He was just 18 when we first took him in. We've loved every minute of it!

The kids helped him blow out the candles!

I don't what happened or who took this picture...must have been when I was putting Isaac to bed. It's hard telling. Jacob is in a whiny/cry-over-everything stage. It's really frustrating!!

And then, just like that...he's fine. Look at those baby blues!

 These "kids" have watched my other kids grow up. We love them dearly!

And this is why my kids love the big kids! :)

I didn't take this one either. Probably Anna. And probably being a goofball with the "big kids"...although Anna informs me every time I call them "kids" that they are NOT kids! :)

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