Thursday, January 2, 2014

Christmas at Home

For the first time in our marriage, we spent Christmas day at home! As much as I love seeing all of our family, I have to admit it was really nice to relax and just be at home. And a bonus was having Papa and Binga come to spend Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with us!! Jeremy's family ended up coming over for dinner Christmas Day, too.

I kept Rhys a couple days during Christmas break. I can't help taking pictures of her with those squishy cheeks and big brown eyes!

Love our Little People nativity set! 

 Playing with my camera's settings :)

 Anna was like a little mother. She kept Rhys entertained in her room...

 ...while she crocheted! So cute.

 I couldn't sleep one night (thanks jet lag), so I got out my camera and played with the settings and took some pictures of the lights. This is the kids' tree in our family room. I let them have full reign decorating. It has all of our sentimental ornaments...

 Oh my goodness. Look at those cheeks!! This was his preschool (age 3) picture. Sometimes I feel like it was a lifetime ago, sometimes it seems like just yesterday. 

 This was from my kindergarten year. I still remember getting it from Mrs. Steffen.

 A nod to Aaron's Swedish heritage.

 And this is Mama's tree. The kids are not allowed to touch it and I'm the only one that gets to decorate it. haha! It satisfies my OCD tendencies when it comes to decorating Christmas trees. It's full of carved wooden ornaments that Aaron's parents have given to us over years (which I think they got in Germany).

 I started what is becoming a tradition with the kids last year...the Wallman Express! Last year we were in Colorado and I gave the kids tickets to punch and hot chocolate. This year, we stopped at Broadway Market for hot chocolate and got the see the lights in the falling snow!

 Isaac didn't last through the whole trip!

 It was quite a shock to come back from warm, sunny Hawaii and just a few days later get almost a foot of snow! But the kids did have a lot of fun playing in the snow.

 Here's what Anna is doing...

 Here's what Jacob is doing...

 I knew what was going to happen, so I snapped away...

 Wait for it...

 Wait for it...

 Wipe out!!! hahaha

 Just make sure it's not yellow, Jacob!

 Isaac decided he wanted to help us shovel...

 Christmas Eve soup supper (a tradition Aaron's extended family does).

 Since I don't have a tripod, I used the mirror to get Mama in the picture, too.  ;)

 Another tradition I started this year was to get the kids new pajamas and a family movie, that they get to open on Christmas Eve, then we have movie night with the new movie. 

 Isaac doesn't quite have the whole rip-the-wrapping-apart-quickly. He does more of a tear-tiny-pieces-off-slowly.

 The boys got slippers this year, since neither of them have any (and I can't keep socks on them to save my life).

 I cannot remember what Aaron said, but I wish I could!! Anna's face is priceless.

 Aaron picked out a box of Belgian chocolates for all of us to share. Holy moly...the kids ate ONE piece and it was like we gave them crack!! They were so completely wound up, bouncing off the walls, craaaaazy! Needless to say, we didn't give them any more! ha

 I had only planned on them opening their pi's and movie, but Aaron convinced me to let them open all of their presents Christmas Eve. Some things never change! ;)

 I bet you have no idea what this present could possibly be...

 Isaac had no idea. Not a clue!

 He asked for a bat and ball several times. Thankfully, the ball is soft so hopefully there won't be any broken glass in our future!

 Anna wanted to use her own money to buy everyone in the family a present. So I took her to Dollar General and she picked out something for all 4 of us and paid with her own money. She is so giving and thoughtful!

 He liked Anna's gift! :)

 Anna has become very conscious of time lately and has been asking for a watch for months. I found a horse watch that came with a necklace and bracelet. PERFECT for her! I think she likes it...

 We found the boys Broncos shirts. It about killed Papa to watch them get BRONCOS shirts! haha

 He's in heaven! LEGOS!!!

 I think he likes it...

 Anna got Daddy slippers. Little did she know that by doing so, everyone would now have slippers! :)

 Christmas Eve movie!

 The kids always beg Papa to give them a puppet show. This time, thanks to a gift from Uncle Elry & Aunt Carol, he had a lot to choose from instead of just a bear and a duck!

 Rolling on the floor with laugher. Papa is very funny.

 I guess Papa's show was too short, so the boys decided to give one.

Christmas morning we opened our stockings.

 They each got a little animal, a movie, some stickers, and dry erase markers for their new marker boards they got for their doors.

 For dinner, Jeremy's family came over. We had roast and all the fixings.

 Just enough snow had melted to make it good snowman-making snow...

 And no one makes better snowmen than Papa!

 A standoff...who will throw the first snowball??

 Bryce advances...

 ...and Jacob runs for the hills!

 Papa's not above throwing snowballs at his grandchildren.

 Uh comes a confrontation...

 That's what you call nose-to-nose!

 Jacob doesn't know what's coming...

 Got him!!

 Better run!

 He couldn't make it through his new movie. Worn out from all the playing! I think it's safe to say he likes his new bat.

It was a great day! And it was really nice to relax at home.

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