Thursday, January 16, 2014

Simple Entertainment

For New Year's, we had pulled out the extra twin mattress for Hudson to sleep on in the boys' room since all 3 "big boys" slept over here one night. For some reason it got moved to the TV room and was there for...well, I'm not telling how long! It served a very good purpose one evening and kept the kids (and Daddy) entertained for quite some time!


 A blur of movement!

 Yikes! Look out!!!

 She was putting heart and soul into tackling that pillow!

 Not be left out, Isaac joined in the tackling game.

 Had to practice the "hut-2" stance :)

 She's INTENSE!!

 The downside of having a much nicer camera? You can see my dirty floors a lot more easily!! Haha.

 Up and almost over!

It was a very fun evening watching the kids play. I did eventually put the mattress away, but not until it got plenty of use as a toy. At some point it was shoved in the guest room and then the boys were using it as a slide off the big bed. All those toys they got for Christmas, and they played on an old mattress! ;)

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Anonymous said...

Hey that is good idea for next year, we'll just get em an old mattress.