Friday, January 3, 2014

Stinemetz Family Christmas-the Little One

This year, we hosted my family for Christmas on New Year's Day. Our family is getting big...17 of us now! I set up 2 long tables in our family room so we can all sit together.

 Binga brought a craft for all the kids to do...making glitter ornaments! It was a mess, but the kids had fun. Except they all forgot to take their ornaments home!!

 Binga paid Anna $0.50 to rub her feet :)

 Hudson taught Jacob how to play Bunco.

  Mia got bored one afternoon, so she decided to put together a play for the kids to put on for us. It was....controlled chaos! But the kids were really cute :)

 Rhys didn't have an assigned part...she just kind of stepped in wherever she wanted. ;)

Tate (3 yrs old) the sheep

 Kaedyn the inn keeper

 The stable scene with Joseph (Bryce), Mary (Anna), the cow (Isaac) and the sheep (Tate).

 Rhys wanted a ride on the donkey. :)

 Jacob & Hudson, the shepherds.

 Kaedyn, now as the angel of the Lord, telling the shepherds the good news! 

 Hudson, Jacob, and Kaedyn as the 3 wisemen.

 The cow lost part of his costume...

 Gift time :) Papa & Binga spoiled the grandkids :) and all the cousins drew names.

 My absolute favorite gift Jacob got... "Now we're cooking with peanut oil" HAHAHA!!!

 Bryce had Jacob's name and got him a Nerf gun...

 I think he likes it...

 Isaac got a cowboy costume from Papa & Binga. He's rarely been without it since! He loves it and he is the absolute cutest cowboy I've ever seen!!

 MORE books!!

 AND a jewelry box! AND another watch!!

 Papa & Binga gave Mia cash, but they made her go on a scavenger hunt for it! :)

 Poot out yur hands!!!

By the next morning, she'd already finished one of her books. She got more than a dozen books over the week and I'm sure she'll have most of them ready before February gets here!!

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