Thursday, January 2, 2014

Mele Kalikimaka

We celebrated Christmas early since we were all together. Aunt Jicks even put together a Christmas tea since Anna said she wanted to have a tea part in Hawaii! :)

 It's not easy getting 1 kid to smile for a picture, let alone SIX who are hyper and being silly!

 There, that's a pretty good picture! The girl on the far right is Maria, daughter of family friends (Bill, the one who lived in the next duplex and knocked on the wall to tell Aaron goodnight).

 Bill and his wife Mahala (I have no idea if I'm spelling that right) with all the kids.

 Since John, Toby, and Anna all play the piano, they each played us a song. 

 Not to be left out, Isaac took the "toy" ukelele and sang his song. 

 He got a little bit of stage fright. ;)

 Carrying on Grandma's tradition to sing "Come On Ring the Bells".

 Christmas Tea.

 Mama, I your burbay pwesent! (He can't get it straight to call them Christmas presents)

Finger puppets! :) 

Definitely the first time we've opened Christmas presents in shorts and tank tops! :)

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