Thursday, January 2, 2014

Stinemetz Christmas...the Big One

Saturday, we celebrated with Dad's extended family at Alan & Donna's house. Of course we were also at the farm, where the boys enjoyed playing with the pool table!

There's always at least one game of Skip-Bo played while we're at Grandpa & Grandma's!

Littler kids' table :) Daniel, Asher, Leah, and Addison (with Isaac and Rhys checking things out).

It's a full house!! I think there were only around 30 this year.

Caught Brad sleeping! ;)

Ella Grace :)

Aunt Warene and Aunt Carolyn...after hosting a few of our (much smaller) family Christmases, I have a new appreciation for what my aunts have done all these years! Whew it's a lot of work. But, many hands make light work, that's for sure!

Oldest and youngest....Mia & Rhys :)

She was very disturbed/concerned when she saw Uncle Alan napping in his recliner. Not sure why, but she wasn't too sure what to think!

That's a couch full of TROUBLE!!

Sunglasses can't hide the napper here! ;)

As always, card games abound at Stinemetz gatherings.

And it wouldn't be Christmas without a little game of football in the front yard. And by little I mean the littlest ones there!

Great Grandpa and Papa/Great Uncle Cecil played a long game of football with Addison, Leah, and Isaac. Anna and Kaedyn played for a while, too.

Leah was so sweet-Isaac got knocked over and she went over and helped him up.

You can tell Addison has 3 big brothers to teach her how to play football!

And Kaedyn does not! ;) 

Addison got Great Grandpa's hat!

They both had the same idea, but in opposite directions! haha

Silly Grandpa Elmer!

The traditional Stinemetz Christmas program :)

I have to try to get the video on here...Carolyn and Warene sang The 12 Days of Christmas and made Dad and Philip act out each day's gift (the men didn't know they would be doing this!). It was quite comical...just think about what some of the gifts were!

The great-grandchildren singing Away in a Manger, as always.

The men and boys singing the traditional We Three Kings.

We discovered the Rhys is quite the little ham! Any time anyone was singing, she would march right up and "sing" along! It was adorable.

Teresa played a "left-right" game with the kids while they listened to the Christmas story.

For as long as I can remember, these two have always sung at Christmas.

I missed getting a picture of Uncle Alan flipping Amber (his 20-something niece!) up in the air! But I did catch him doing the same thing to Jacob. :)

It's always fun when the Stinemetz clan gets together. Fun and crazy!

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