Thursday, January 2, 2014

Christmas at Terry & Cara's

The Friday after Christmas, we celebrated with Mom's side at Terry & Cara's house.

 Rhys was chasing Isaac through the house. He really is still afraid of her a bit. She's a bit of a brute ;)
See Isaac hiding on the couch?

 There she goes again!

 Decorating sugar cookies (made with raw cane sugar and whole wheat flour. We're used to the taste, but I'm not sure everyone else is!). I tried my hand at homemade, natural coloring for the first time. I used spirulina powder to make green, mostly because that's the only thing I had on hand that would work for a Christmas color. The thing with natural coloring is that you won't get the deep, rich colors without the taste of whatever you're using to color it coming through. But it worked well enough...I'm happy to find a natural alternative to artificial food dyes! Those things wreak havoc on my kids, Jacob especially.

 Playing John Deere Uno (what else would there be at Uncle Terry's house??) with Great Aunt Dona.

 And since it was actually Bryce's birthday, Binga made him a cake and we had a little celebration for that, too!

 Turning all shy when we sang to him.

 Nice photobomb Uncle Wally!

 Anna got the cutest hair bow! It has tractors on it and says "Country Girl"

Bryce got a Planes tent for his birthday. Jacob and Bryce were determined to sleep in it that night. I had to distract Isaac from it because there was NO WAY 3 boys were fitting in there!! Let's just say the night ended with Jacob up on the bed and Bryce halfway out of the tent. :)

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