Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Family Pictures

Saturday we had family pictures taken at the college. Teri graciously agreed to take them for us! She did fabulous!!! We got out of the van and Jacob saw wide open spaces! He was happy as a lark...as long as he wasn't tied down to sitting in one position! :) Anna was having none of the picture taking to begin with. I may or may not have bribed her with a Princess computer (which she still hasn't gotten). It worked--she did great! She's such a ham when she wants to be.
I've played around in Picasa with a few of them. Dad has Photoshop, so next time we're up there I might play around some more (not that I know a thing about Photoshop!).

There were about 6 in this 'series'...the first few Jacob had a stick and was looking at my head like "hahaha...I've got a stick and Mommy's head is right here!!"

There were still a few blooms and the kids had fun smelling the roses.

I love this man!!!

He really wasn't sitting still...he was quickly planning where he could run off to this time!

Anna Rose.

Such a cutie pie.

She wanted to take a picture in front of the Jesus statue. :)

Same shot, different editing

Anna loved it (I think we were 'running' here).
Jacob...not so much!

I really like this one!
1) You can't tell that Jacob is screaming about holding hands!
2) You can't tell that Aaron & I are still smiling for the camera! haha
3) You can tell that Anna is hopping with joy!

Teri, thank you SO MUCH for doing this!! You did a great job and I can't wait to get some of them printed and framed!