Wednesday, November 18, 2009

This is Bordering on Obsession

Or maybe it's beyond an obsession!?

First thing in the morning, he runs out and picks up the Cars case and points to the TV.

He carries the case around everywhere. We went to town the other day, and he brought it with him. I barely got him to leave it in the van when we went in the store! That's all I needed--looking like he stole a movie! (which I wouldn't put it past him for this movie!!!)

Oh my stars. Everything for little boys is Cars. So the Pull-Ups I got the other day are...what else...Cars. He loves them (although he doesn't get the whole "don't get Lightening wet...keep him dry!" haha). And tonight I found him cuddled up with a Pull-Up!!!! I believe I know what kinds of things he'll be getting for Christmas!

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