Thursday, November 5, 2009


It's parents are crazy (or saints....whichever you prefer). Not only did they switch Jacob to a toddler bed, they decided to start potty training (neither of which I asked them to do, but I'll certainly not complain about them doing either!!!)! Mom said today was the first day with no diapers, but he's gone on the toilet several times in the last 2 days. Including #2!!! She hasn't changed a dirty diaper since I left. Lots of wetting, though. She figures he'll do it backwards (why not...he's done everything else in his own time/way!)...poopy will be done before potty!

Uhhh, Binga? These pants feel kinda funny...don't you think you should put one of these diapers on me???

Okay then...I'll just put it on myself!

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Jaime said...

Ha! That is so cute and funny! Abigail is showing serious interest in using the potty (like going into the bathroom herself and taking off her pants) but she has yet to actually be able to "go" on the potty. Good luck to your parents! :)

Maybe I can get my mom to potty train Abigail when she is out here helping me. :)