Saturday, November 7, 2009

It's Fall!

Fall is here and our yard is (was) covered in leaves!! In the corner I raked up a great big pile and Anna and Jake had a great time playing in it!

Ever the gentleman...ladies first! :)

Bombs away!!!

God created leaves for more than just hanging on trees :)

Today, in November, it was probably 80 degrees! It was perfect weather for raking leaves (oh joy!). So there's an even BIGGER pile of leaves now! Anna would stomp and count to 10 (yeah, okay) then...

...dive in!

Our neighbor was out cleaning up his yard too. Except he just used his mower and bagged it! That looked a whole lot easier (and faster!!) than my way! Here's our nice little row left after he was done:)

Here's Jacob's big boy bed and the new pillowcase I made him. He LOVES IT! Of's got wheels! :) When he got home, I took him and showed him his "new" bed and the pillow. He jumped right in there and laid down! :) He's finally quiet in there only took a little over an hour. No, I'm not calling you a liar Dad! But seriously, how do you guys do it?! You just have the magic touch when it comes to your grandkids, right? ;) Well, thank you Papa & Binga for keeping him a whole week! I know he had so much fun, especially being Binga's little shadow! I think Anna will not be letting him out of her sight for a while now...and certainly won't allow him any more week-long visits without her! :)

Here's what the kids & Papa played after supper :)

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