Monday, November 16, 2009

His True Love

I've posted about this before but I think even I underestimated my son's ONE TRACK MIND.

I completely spaced the whole "taping over the wipes container" job I was forced into...

...and made the mistake of getting a "big boy" box of flushable wipes in the same theme! This one he carries around like a favorite stuffed animal!

So when we went to borrow a movie from Kim for our movie night, I couldn't resist when I saw this movie.

His eyes are seriously glazed over.

Who taught him to be so fascinated? God! ha I tell ya, the kid came out of my womb looking for wheels!

His true love.....CARS!!!!
I'll have to get the video downloaded of him watching. He watched the movie way too many times today. The first time, he sat for the entire movie. The next times, he was in and out. But he will
always watch all the racing scenes! Too funny.

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