Saturday, October 17, 2009

Already...It's Started Already!

So it's a well known fact that my son is (and has been since he could move) enthralled with all things wheels, including cars. Well, it's gotten even worse. Aaron got a car magazine in the mail the other day and Jacob loves looking at it! I finally just put it in his book box!! don't have to teach boys this!

Oh the excitement...he can hardly contain it! All these CARS!!!

Such a MAN thing to do! Sit and look at a car magazine and watch TV!!! It's Thomas the Train, too...he had a hard time deciding which one to concentrate on! Luckily he can't channel surf yet! ;)
He's seen the movie Cars and I can't believe it, but he remembers it (he watched it a couple times in Iowa). The box of wipes is Cars themed (we've had it forever). He would grab the wipes, grunt and point, carry it to the living room and point at the wipes and then the TV. He wants to watch that movie! We don't have it (nor will we, but that's a different story), but that either doesn't matter to him or doesn't register! I finally taped over the box so he isn't reminded!!!

You also don't have to teach girls this! :) She's a ham, that's for sure.

Jacob was standing there like this so Anna had to go stand for a picture too:) Silly kids. I've got a couple funny video clips of exercise videos, but that'll have to wait! I'm going to bed so I can wake up and go get a massage. And then go back to bed!! :)