Wednesday, October 28, 2009

SC Homecoming!

Last weekend (or was it the one before?!) was Sterling's homecoming. My brother Jamie and his family came to town, as well as our good friends Kreg & Graci and their girls! The kids loved the parade...

This was actually before the parade. Jacob and Hudson were excited to just watch the cars drive by!

Hudson, Jacob, Addison, Anna and Elise waiting for the parade to start (or continue, depending on who you ask!). It was a bit chilly in the morning but quickly turned into a pretty nice day.

Waiting for what's next (before the parade started, of course!)

Collecting candy and staying away from the loud fire engine!

Hedrick's had a mini petting zoo at the college, which the kids loved! Hudson wanted to feed the animals rocks!

There were also inflatables. Jacob, again, wouldn't go all the way in!

He LOVED the animals. For some weird reason, the big fat pot-bellied pig was his favorite!

Notice Anna is poised and ready to run in case that pesky calf (or whatever...I know it's not actually a calf calf) decides to try something funny!!

Saturday night was the alumni banquet. Now, Aaron & I have been alumnus (is that the plural for alumni??) for 6 and 8 years and have never attended. Whoops! :) But this year was very special because my cousin Scott was presented with the Alumni Award!! It was pretty fun and it was awesome to see him recognized in such a special way by our Alma mater!

I love this picture. THAT is my Grandpa. He loves to laugh and I love to see him smile that great, big smile! The two things he loves the most in this life are his Lord and his family.

Scott and Amy...her name should be on that award too (even though she's not alum!). They both work so hard to follow God's calling on their lives!

I was going to take these artsy pictures of each, I was hungry and forgot! The dinner did get started late. It was a delicious meal.

Scott accepting the award.

"From 1958 the Alumni Awards was given to alumni who have revealed outstanding contributions in developing careers, service to society and loyalty to SC. In 1975 the award was broken into two pieces, the Alumni Citation is given to Alumni who graduated more than 15 years prior to the year given and the Alumni Award is reserved for younger alumni."

It was a fun weekend! And THANK YOU to Bruce, Shirley, and Addie for babysitting the kids for us so we could enjoy the banquet!

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