Monday, October 19, 2009

Check Them Out

Check out these two sites!

E-mealz is a meal planning site I found through Dave Ramsey's website. I'm seriously considering trying it. Feeding our family for $300 or less a month would be great. With the half-side of beef we just bought, hopefully I can make it even less than that. Although feeding 10 people (6 of whom are college students!) once every week might make up the difference. But still, cutting back $100 from our grocery budget would be great! It's only $5/month and you get a weekly supper menu PLUS a customized shopping list to a store of your choice--made from the week's sales!

Flutterby Threads is a friend's Etsy site. She sews all sorts of things and after a post on facebook about selling a few aprons she had, she's had lots of orders! Aaron & I went to SC with her and I'm so excited for this business she's been thinking about to take off! Good luck Stacey!! :)


Jaime said...

I have thought about doing the meal planning before. I think I will try that. I like that it uses food in season and local sales.

I have been thinking about getting some beef. If you don't mind me asking, how much did that cost you? I'm wondering what the investment would be. It would probably save in the long run, though.

Jennifer said...

Not at all...we ended up paying a total of about $700 including processing. It ended up being a bit bigger than most sides and leaner. It equals out to be about $2/lb. Much cheaper (and tastier!) than the store stuff.

Staci said...

I LOVE e-mealz. They have great meals and I always made it for less than the advertised cost. Of course, I don't see the need to have bread & dessert at each meal like they do.

Mike got a doe last weekend with his bow. The processor by his lease (in W Texas) is processing the whole deer into ground meat for $30!!!! Now that's CHEAP meat!!