Saturday, October 31, 2009

Pumpkins and Costumes!

We finally carved our pumpkins (the two that hadn't rotted...whoops) and Uncle Windell sent us costumes again! We're in Iowa this weekend, so we went to my parents' church fall party. It was a lot of fun with all sorts of games and candy! I told Mom I'm not sure which one was more tiring...getting them in and out of the car or chasing Jacob all over the church! I think the latter!!! :) They both had a lot of fun.

Anna said she wanted to be Mary...

and she had a little lamb whose fleece was white as snow...

and everywhere that Mary went, her lamb was hollering so!
(as you can see, he didn't like it at first. thus I have no picture of them together. you're lucky I even got a picture of him at all! first he screamed and then at church he didn't stand still for 2 seconds!)

But once we got to the church and Jacob realized that there were games to play and candy to get, he was all about being a lamb!

This was Jacob's favorite game..because he got to open and shut doors!! He especially thought it was fun to peek in and see Pastor back there! :)

Anna was a little leary at first...she's used to Papa scaring her all the time! ;)

Anna and Gloria (Mia, Gloria was very happy to have heard from you yesterday!)

Anna was a pro at the throwing games! Daddy, you should be proud!!

You know why Jim is laughing back there? After Jacob played the game, Jim held up 2 candies for Jacob to pick from. Jacob grabbed both & shoved them in his bag!!

Feeding the shark! :)

Hoop a Pumpkin.

Align Center
This was Jacob's second favorite game...rolling golf balls up the ramp and trying to get them in the holes. Of course, Jacob didn't get any in the holes, but he loved rolling them up the ramp!


Anna played the guessing game and guessed 500 candy corn in a little jar (I don't think she won!)

You're supposed to pick a duck, look at the number on the bottom and get a prize. Jacob just wanted to play with the ducks in the water! :)

Oooohhhh, but then he got his own duck!

Feed the elephant! Anna did good at this one, too.

Who knows. He was probably yelling about more candy, more balls, more games!!!

Oh my. You see that look? THAT'S why I was tired when we left!!!

Anna got a butterfly painted on her face!! She loved it and we had to be very careful not to wash it off that night!

Carving pumpkins...See my seed Daddy?

Such a sweetie pie.

Since the pumpkins were a bit old, most of the slime was dried up. Anna jumped right in, but Jacob didn't want much to do with it.

He'd rather dig in the dirt and smear it all over his face!


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