Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Daddy's Home!!!

Dora has been replaced in Jacob's heart (well, not entirely...he'll stand and look at anything Dora in the store for a long time!!) :) Aunt Cara & Uncle Terry gave him a Thomas the Train video for his birthday and he LOVES it! It's the first thing he wants every morning...he goes right to the TV and points to it. If that doesn't work, he tries opening the top drawer (where all the DVDs are)! Thankfully, he can't open it yet!

Completely enthralled with the trains!

Binga, that's how I feel about Thomas, too!!! :)

He's a techie :) Binga's phone has a drawing pad tool and the kids love to use it! Anna's been drawing on that phone for over a year. And she never forgets that it's on there!

They're actually watching something other than Thomas!! I think I have the entire hour + movie memorized.

Yes, Anna is sitting in the doll's chair!

I had a beautiful shot right here...perfect natural light, Anna sitting serenely. I wasn't quick enough (and she heard me turn on the camera!) and she vamoosed before I could snap it. Little squirt!!

So instead of a beautiful profile picture of her, I get this blurry one I snapped behind my chair, where she went to hide! Oh well. :)



Jacob decided that next time, he's going with Daddy!

Anna begged over and over "Play wiff me Daddy!!!!" even while he was playing with her! :) She really missed her Daddy.

Anna decided she would go with him next time, too!

So excited!! I've found that the state of my son's hair directly correlates to what his behavior will be like (either in the morning or after his nap). I'm not kidding! Proof positive right here!

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