Monday, October 19, 2009

Day 1: Survived

Day One of Operation Daddy-Travel:

We did it! :) Aaron is back on the road recruiting for the week, so I'm holding down the fort (or trying!). Today wasn't so bad. Ask me again in a couple days and I might be comatose! ;)

Last night after dessert (popsicles!), Anna was being silly.

Jacob wasn't going to waste one bite of his! (Those blue eyes!! They could just melt me! Oh alright, they do! He is a charmer, that's for sure.)

Tonight, Addie came over for supper (thanks for the company!!). She also brought some laundry over in a plastic tub (college students!). Over the years, I think my kids' favorite things to play with have been our foster kids' laundry "baskets"!! I never know what they might show up. I've seen it all...mesh hampers, plastic baskets, bags, boxes, and now tubs! Jacob loved climbing in and out. He especially loved it when Addie pushed him around in it!

What a poser! She pranced over and said "Take my pit-cher Mommy!" and proceeded to pose! :) I didn't get any of her IN the tub. She was pretending to swim and made the sides fog up with her breath. She was wearing a scuba mask, of course!

Wooo boy, was this one wild after his bath tonight! He flew around squealing and pulling the laundry off the couch with his devilish grin and that gleam in his eye!
Of course, I get them in bed at the perfect time and they conspire against me for a quick, peaceful bedtime!! Over an hour later, they were both finally asleep. Jacob was causing the problems. Anna told me "I can't go to sleep with Jacob whining like that!" Poor girl ;)
Now that my work is done for the evening, I better get to bed!
We miss you Daddy!

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