Sunday, October 4, 2009

I'm Still Alive!

I'm still alive, thanks to MOM! :) It hasn't been too bad of a week but I certainly would have been much worse for the wear had she not stayed!!!
To keep ourselves busy (as if chasing after 2 kids wasn't enough!), I decided we needed to rearrange the living room and Mom decided we should rearrange the kids' room as well! I don't have any before pictures, but most of you already know what it looked like before. I spent a total of $3 :) And that was weeks ago before I even thought of moving things around!
*I don't know why my pictures are posting grainy??? They're not that way when I look at them in my editing program? :(*

Here's looking in from the kitchen. The couch used to be where the TV is; the recliner used to be in front of where the blue rocker is (facing the small window); the bookcase used to be right next to the small window facing the big windows; the TV used to be to the left of the small window; the kitchen set (not in here anymore!!) used to be squeezed btw the couch and bookshelf; the blue rocker and extra kitchen chair used be in front of the big window; the green rocker used to be where the recliner is, facing the small window. (since you all were dying to know exactly how my living room used to be!!! I'll spare the details of where each picture used to be! :))

The hanging above the blue rocker is the one I bought quite a while ago. Mom found the clock for me and the others are from the bathroom! :) And Seth gets a roast dinner tomorrow for helping me move that gargantuan bookcase!!!

That tall lamp (as well as the boy & girl pictures) is from Aunt Betty's and used to be in our bedroom. I really like the couch slanted with it back there. Somehow this arrangement makes it feel much roomier in here. And I'll take all the roomier feel I can get in here!! :)


Now the kids' room!

Jacob's crib didn't move, but the toy box did! It was in front of the big windows.

Anna's bed used to be flat against this wall, but we pulled it out and put her cubbies/dresser over there, too. It's a little tight w/ the rocking chair there, but it works.

The changing table didn't move either, but with Anna's cubbies moved, there's room for the kitchen set in here now! So now the only toys in the living room is a small basket of little toys (mostly cars/tractors). It seems to have helped to keep the mess contained to their bedroom a little better!


And YIPPPEEEE!!! Daddy's coming home tomorrow (technically today)!!!!!!!!


Schenk Family said...

I like the living room set up it looks nice. what did you do with the tiop of the hutch? It is always nice to have a change.

Jennifer said...

Thanks Candace. We took the top off and are storing it in the shed. We did that quite a while back--it really helped it feel bigger too since that was so big!