Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Felio in the News

Remember Felio? The wild mustang my cousin Scott was training for a competition?

Well, he finished the competition and did pretty good! The coolest thing is that Madeleine Pickens (wife of T. Boone Pickens) chose Felio and Scott as one of 2 to basically compete further for the position of mascot for Southern Methodist University!! She has been flying Scott down there to continue training Felio until SMU's homecoming game against Navy on Oct. 17th. Madeleine has been impressed with Scott's training ability and techniques, so it's a pretty cool connection! Pray for Scott (and Amy & the kids!!) as he's training Felio further and is away from his family for 3 weeks in a row (flying home on the weekends). Madeleine said she would fly Amy & the kids down for the game, but since Leah is so little the doctor advised Amy not to fly with her. Hopefully things will work out so they can still drive down there.
Check out the Hutch News article on Scott and Felio!

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