Monday, August 23, 2010

4th of July

We had Anna's 5th birthday party over the 4th of July. It was a rainy weekend, which means most of the amazing festivities our great little town puts on were cancelled :( But that also meant that the big boys got to play with fireworks. :)

Hudson wasn't a fan of the noise, so he borrowed the ever-present blue headphones and had a great time!

Seriously, shouldn't there be some kind of training required before they're allowed to light these off with kids around?!

Most of the party pictures are on my camera, but I think the highlight of the weekend was the bunk beds!! We're borrowing them from Aunt Cara & Uncle Terry (THANK YOU!!!!!!!) and Papa & Binga brought some mattresses down (THANK YOU!!!!!). There's still not room for a crib in there, but there is a lot more room for them to play.

We were so glad that the parade didn't get cancelled! It was a bit misty, but there was a huge turnout and one of the biggest parades I've seen so far. The kids loved it!

The kids hauled a TON of candy in from the parade!

Guess what he sees coming?

I thought he was going to run out and jump on with the guy!

And this time?

An antique car!

Oh keeps getting more exciting!

A firetruck!!!!!

We had a great weekend. Thanks to all the family that came out to celebrate our beautiful, loving, special "little" girl.

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