Monday, August 2, 2010

The View from Here

6 months already!! And blocking more of my computer every day. ;) He's becoming more active, but only when I'm still (and trying to sleep of course!). The kids have both felt him kick. I'm not sure Jacob really gets what's going on, but he likes to pull my shirt up & "see" the baby. He always points right at my belly button & says "baby!" so I'm hoping he doesn't think *that* is the baby!! He also insists that he has a baby in his belly, too! He comes up & pulls my hand over his so he can feel the baby kick. Anna, of course, is always talking to the baby & giving him hugs & kisses.
Everyone asks how I'm feeling & the best answer is *pregnant*!! I can't really complain too much. Aches & pains that come with the territory I suppose. At least I'm not sick. My 24 week check up is this week. Time is going too fast. Before I know it, school will start & not long after this little soccer player will be here! So far we haven't been able to agree on a name, so we'll see what happens...might have to stay longer at the hospital! :)
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Teri said...

Ok, I've been away from the blogs, but this is such a funny way to track your pregnant belly's progress! Love it!