Saturday, August 28, 2010

Travel Diaries *updated*

Okay, I emailed the wrong picture! Yes, I AM a tired girl:) But this picture is great as well...and from our drive home. We'd already stopped in KC for supper, but the kids were antsy and Mom and I needed to stretch our legs. So she pulled off in the Flint Hills along I-70. And much to our delight we found horses in the pasture next to the road! It was a pretty steep ditch down to the fence so I carried Jacob down and Anna surprisingly walked. I whistled and called for the horses and they came right over. I could tell they were very used to people. The male was a gorgeous paint-dark, dark brown and white. The mare wasn't as interested in us. To my surprise, Jacob wasn't the least bit afraid. He let the horse sniff his head and get really close. And he just belly laughed! Pretty soon we were pulling grass to feed him (which, by the way, Jacob declared was HIS horse and asked to ride many times!). Anna was a bit intimidated to feed him more than a couple times, but Jacob wasn't in the least! At one point when I turned around to grab some grass, the horse decided Jacob's hair looked good enough to eat! He just laughed and laughed. We stayed there for at least 15 minutes and when I said it was time to go, Jacob had a complete and total meltdown. "Nooooo! I not yeave my horsey!!!!!!" He had tears streaming down his cheeks as I carried him back up to the van. We went up the road a bit to turn around and as we drove by the horses again, Binga said "Tell the horse you'll see him next time!" To which Jacob sobbed "NOOOOOO!!! Not say bye!!!!! Not neh time!!!!" He cried for another 5 minutes. And then Anna decided to inform him that we could go to Scott's and actually ride horses (she was trying to be nice and comfort him, but it didn't work). Which set him off again. He wanted that horse. It was his after all, didn't we know?! We were almost home, it was completely dark, and he said something about his horse being asleep. Too sweet! Well, Daddy...I don't think there's any way you're going to get out of us eventually having a horse now!! :)


Anonymous said...

Maybe the wrong picture? You are tired girl.

Jennifer said...

Ha! Evidently I am!! Oh well, this is a good picture too:) I'll just have to change what I wrote!