Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Anna's Preschool Program

Anna had a great program at the end of preschool! She was so excited and Aaron and I were completely floored by how much Mrs. Z taught them in 2 hours a day!!!!

Little brother sneaking in to the picture :)

She picked out the dress. What a beautiful little girl :)

Anna with all but one of her classmates. I was really surprised that she wasn't nervous sitting in front of everyone. She did great and had a lot of fun! I'm working on getting the videos uploaded, but am having some trouble.

What a big girl. We're so proud of how well she did in preschool! She is so excited for kindergarten. ONE WEEK!!!! It's not possible for me to have a kindergartner!

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Jaime said...

It is crazy how fast the time goes. I remember when she was born and we came to see her for the first time. A cute little girl with Aaron's nose! :)