Sunday, August 22, 2010

Time to Catch Up...Iowa with ALL the cousins!

My dad is my hero (again)!!! He worked his magic and I now have a new-to-me laptop!! I'm so excited to get back to editing pictures and blogging! I've got a lot of catching up to do! :)

In June, we had a surprise visit from our Florida relatives! It was a crazy trip, but it was SO MUCH fun to see them and the kids to play together.

Papa and Binga re-did their laundry room and got a new front-loading washer/dryer set.

They're great entertainment for my kids! Jacob loves to watch them spin. In fact, it wasn't long after we got up here this week that he ran back to see if they were running!

Whoops! Caught up in the hammock :)

The girls shared the futon...for a little while anyway!

These rambunctious boys didn't last long here, but aren't they cute?!

Papa took all SIX of the grandkids on an exploring adventure. The kids loved it (well, Bryce got pretty upset when he got dirty ha). Papa said that's the last time he takes them all on an exploring adventure by himself! :)

The boys-Jacob, Bryce, and Hudson.

The girls-Kaedyn, Anna, and Mia

They look so sweet...I don't know why Papa wouldn't take them again! ;)
After our last minute trip to Iowa, we headed to Colorado to see Erick's family off overseas. Those pictures are on my camera, which I FORGOT! (I know, I can't believe it either). I think the next Dad has on his camera is from Anna's party over the 4th of July.

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