Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Visiting the Dairy Farm

This summer we took a trip to Colorado to see Aaron's family. His brother's family was on their way overseas to their next assignment and we wanted to see each other before they left. We were busy, busy, busy! One of the things we did while there was visit the dairy farm where Aaron's cousins live. The kids loved it!

There was a baby goat to hold!

A bucket calf to pet (and suck on your fingers but my kids wouldn't let him!).

And lots of cows. And since they're diary cows, they're very mild and used to close human contact.

So out they went to pet the cow!

That's Aaron's cousin Shelley, not me, holding the kids!

The fun didn't stop there. There were baby kittens to hold, too!!

It had been a long time since all of us were together. It was fun to chat and catch up.

Then there were all the calves to see!!

Oddly enough, Jacob hated the 4-wheelers. He loved Uncle Terry's last year, but he definitely doesn't like them now!!

Anna loved the calves. She walked up and down visiting all of them. One of them even got antsy and jumped out of its pen when she was standing right next to it!! She was startled but she didn't cry and went right back to petting the others. And then her mother won the "Mother of the Year" award. I forgot her up on the hill with the calves!! There were a bunch of people and Aaron had already taken Jacob back to the house. The older kids were around riding the 4-wheelers and I just completely forgot about Anna. I guess out of sight, out of mind, and I thought she was with Aaron (even though I knew he hadn't taken her). We get about 1/4 mile down the driveway and here come the older kids on the 4-wheelers saying, "We heard Anna yelling 'Mama!!' and didn't see anybody". It didn't even register at first (I didn't see Anna on the back of a 4-wheeler). There's another Anna (who lives there) and I thought why was she yelling for her mom?? And then it hit me. I HAD COMPLETELY AND TOTALLY FORGOTTEN ABOUT MY OWN CHILD!!!!!!!!!! Good grief. I felt horrible. Of course, everyone was like "oh I've done that before" but I still felt horrible. So many things could have happened to her-there were cows and bulls all around; she could have tried to find her way back to me and gotten completely lost and turned around...BUT God kept her safe and she just stayed right where she was and yelled for me. Thank the Lord those other kids were still up there! Anna was a little upset but got over it quickly. She didn't even cry. What a deal.
We had lots more fun while in Colorado and now that I'll have so many hours without at least one kid (this morning stretched on forever!!), hopefully I can get the pictures done and posted quickly!

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