Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Jacob's First Day of Preschool!!!

First a few pictures from the end of Anna's first day...

I snuck a picture through the classroom door/window of Anna. Such a studious little girl!

Anna with her friends Makenna and Kelsey. She went to preschool with Makenna but she's in the other class. But she's also known Kelsey for a long time and she is in Anna's class. It will be fun! Anna's highlight of the day...Recess and playing with Makenna! :)

My baby's first day of preschool!!!!! He was SO excited! Excited doesn't even describe it...look at his face! What a squirt.

He was telling me that it's hot outside--he meant that the sun was really bright, which it is in our backyard in the morning!

He found wheels!!! No tears, no clinging...he could hardly wait his turn to go in and put his backpack away! Of course, with all those toys, what 3 year old wouldn't want to run in and play?! I can't wait to hear all about his day (what I can decipher anyway!). As you'll hear in the video, he's there for speech! :) He has improved so much since April when he started speech therapy. And actually is right on where he should be for his age, but because of the way he leaves letters off etc. he is very hard to understand which makes him seem a lot farther behind. Anyway, he's making great improvements and is a little parrot full of questions (to which he repeats every answer!).

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